About Dorine

Hello, my name is Dorine. I used to be Popbabe7. My friend’s two-year-old says about me “She wears pretty dresses and sits in a chair”, which sums me up quite well.

I am a very uncool girl, and anything labelled as hype is a bit suspicious as far as I’m concerned (until I realise I actually like it- 3 years after everyone else). Sometimes I think I like clothes more than people, but that’s on my bad days only. My sewing skills are not the best, and nor are my knitting skills. But I do like making things, so I try, and if I blog about it I’m blatantly honest!

This is very much a homemade blog, hence the dubious quality of some of my pictures. I’m working on it- believe me, my previous blog was even worse. As long as I enjoy posting and blogging I’ll do it. Every comment is, of course, much appreciated ^_^

As well as blogging and making things, I do like dancing. I’m a keen modern jiver and have recently started Lindy Hop. I collect vintage clothes, bake quite nice cakes according to my friends and colleagues and can’t live without music. My favourite band is Madness, but in my flat you’ll hear anything from swing to shibuya-kei, so my tastes are quite wide!

I am French but have been living in Wales for the past 9 years, and whilst I’ll never become completely Welsh or British I feel at home there.

Welcome to my little written jumble mess. I hope you like it.


5 thoughts on “About Dorine

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  2. Hey.
    Thank you for following me on my blog. 😉 I really don’t know if you understand french or not [ we don’t care about that ahah ). But that’s a pleasure 😉

    I like your little written jumble mess

    Thank you 😉



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