Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘Why Be Good?’ Celebrates the Jazz Age

? “I’m Thirsty for Kisses” from “Why Be Good?” listed on EBay at $8.49. A pulsating, dynamic salute to the jazz-mad, anything goes generation, the restored Colleen Moore feature, “Why Be Good?” features entertaining performances and gorgeous design set to a syncopated, synchronized symphony of hot jazz music and sound effects. The Academy of Motion…

Swap, shop, drop- Bikes & Buttons swap shop @ Whitchurch Community Centre

I’ve just come back from my first ever clothes swap! After reading Handmedowncardiff’s post about this I knew I just had to go. So I went through my gigantic pile of clothes, took three items with me (a green winter coat, never worn and sadly too small for me, a 60s psychedelic Topshop top and […]

Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #3

Last week I went back to France. After quite an eventful journey inbound I was staying with my sister for a few days. We came to visit my parents, and of course I spent lots of time playing with my little nephew who is 10 month old. He is so sweet! It’s just amazing to […]