Easy Peasy Minnie Mouse-ish skirt

I am blitzing through my stash of fabric at the moment and trying to make things out of everything. Mostly this involves sewing a casing into any piece that is wider than my hips, inserting an elastic and sewing both ends together. Which is exactly what happened with this little, unpretentious skirt.


It’s gathered but not too much, and since they’re not set anyway you can move all the gathering at the front, or at the back, or even it on both sides. Good if you want to attract or deter attention to one part of your body! The fabric is a soft, stretchy jersey knit I previously used to make a top. Red and white polka dots always make me think of Minnie Mouse. It’s such a bright pattern… Perfect to wear on an otherwise dull day!

Oh, and expect a lot of indoor photos in the next few posts… By the time I decided to take pictures the British weather was back in full mode (rain). I got a super app called Camera 360 which has loads of nice effects. Think instagram without the hip around it… This is the same pic with one effect on, don’t ask me which one, I’ve played with so many that I forgot. Sad I know.



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