Rockabilly (kind of)

Yesterday evening I was invited to go to town by a couple of lovely girls from Lindy Hop. Our first port of call was Revolución de Cuba, a fantastic place where they usually have a themed night on Fridays. We once danced on a speakeasy night with a live jazz band -pure bliss! Last night […]

Originally posted on PatternVault:
In honour of Valentine’s Day, some mid-Twenties illustrations for McCall lingerie patterns including embroidery transfers. The heading reads, “Embroideries That Lend Irresistible Charm to the Intimate Garments.” From the numbering, I’d say the page dates to circa 1925, when these types of pattern were the only ones to have colour envelopes.…

She wears it well: Colleen Moore, the reasonable flapper

Sorry for the long silence, I had lots and lots of things I wanted to blog about but the dreadful weather, a hectic schedule and me feeling a bit down lately means that I had no incline/ inspiration. But this post has been in the pipeline for so long, I feel I have to take […]

Keep moving

It’s been another busy week, so busy in fact that on Sunday all I wanted was to stay at home and do as little as possible! At Lindy Hop we had a 2 hour session on Shim Sham, it was great but very very hard! And on Friday night I went to see Madness at […]

Out and about in South Wales- the Pumphouse (Pumping?) Station, Cardiff- and my new vintage suit!!!

While we are on the subject of things to do and see in Cardiff I thought I’d post about one of my favourite places in Cardiff: the Pumphouse (AKA Pumping) Station on Penarth Road. The lovely Tors had a brilliant post about it a while ago. I hadn’t been for a while until it dawned […]

Swap, shop, drop- Bikes & Buttons swap shop @ Whitchurch Community Centre

I’ve just come back from my first ever clothes swap! After reading Handmedowncardiff’s post about this I knew I just had to go. So I went through my gigantic pile of clothes, took three items with me (a green winter coat, never worn and sadly too small for me, a 60s psychedelic Topshop top and […]

Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #3

Last week I went back to France. After quite an eventful journey inbound I was staying with my sister for a few days. We came to visit my parents, and of course I spent lots of time playing with my little nephew who is 10 month old. He is so sweet! It’s just amazing to […]