The Great Gatsby-ish skirt

I’m going to make a confession: I’ve never gone past the first page of “the Great Gatsby”. I tried several times to read it, and never managed to pass that damn first page. And I am not really interested by Baz Luhrmann’s onscreen adaptation either, my main grief being about the use of contemporary music […]

Easy Peasy Minnie Mouse-ish skirt

I am blitzing through my stash of fabric at the moment and trying to make things out of everything. Mostly this involves sewing a casing into any piece that is wider than my hips, inserting an elastic and sewing both ends together. Which is exactly what happened with this little, unpretentious skirt. It’s gathered but […]

10 minutes makeover: scallop hem skirt

Do you have an old skirt lurking around in need of a makeover? I made this green skirt from a heavy wool remnant a couple of years ago but never got round to really wear it. It was a bit too long and a bit too boring!!!! Inspired by a skirt I saw in Hobbs […]

I made this! Black circle skirt

These pictures are a bit old- they were taken a few months ago, but I thought I’d post them anyway (I haven’t changed that much since then!). And since it’s been a little bit quiet on the crafty side of things, well… I love circle skirts, they look so elegant and make you feel instantly […]

How to turn tights into 1920s style stockings (~Tutorial~)

I don’t think I have posted a tutorial yet on this blog! That’s all very well to post crap pictures of my outfits and ebay findings, but there comes a time when I should share one of my very few crafty triumphs !!! I am a big fan of hosiery, but have a bit of […]

Keep moving

It’s been another busy week, so busy in fact that on Sunday all I wanted was to stay at home and do as little as possible! At Lindy Hop we had a 2 hour session on Shim Sham, it was great but very very hard! And on Friday night I went to see Madness at […]

The case of the OTT fake fur coat

When I was in France a couple of weeks ago, I bought a coat. It wasn’t very wise because it was the first time I ever came back with just a hand luggage which was already rather full and certainly didn’t need to have a coat added to it. It didn’t matter that this coat […]

Lindy Hop Taster Session (Made in Roath Festival) and a new homemade skirt

Roath and Cathays are two areas of Cardiff I really love. I used to live there for years and have many happy memories. This year while checking the Made in Roath programme I noticed that they were offering a taster session in Lindy Hop, followed by a tea dance. I can’t resist dancing, and fancied […]