The Great Gatsby-ish skirt

I’m going to make a confession: I’ve never gone past the first page of “the Great Gatsby”. I tried several times to read it, and never managed to pass that damn first page. And I am not really interested by Baz Luhrmann’s onscreen adaptation either, my main grief being about the use of contemporary music […]

How to turn tights into 1920s style stockings (~Tutorial~)

I don’t think I have posted a tutorial yet on this blog! That’s all very well to post crap pictures of my outfits and ebay findings, but there comes a time when I should share one of my very few crafty triumphs !!! I am a big fan of hosiery, but have a bit of […]

She wears it well: Colleen Moore, the reasonable flapper

Sorry for the long silence, I had lots and lots of things I wanted to blog about but the dreadful weather, a hectic schedule and me feeling a bit down lately means that I had no incline/ inspiration. But this post has been in the pipeline for so long, I feel I have to take […]