Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: ‘Why Be Good?’ Celebrates the Jazz Age

? “I’m Thirsty for Kisses” from “Why Be Good?” listed on EBay at $8.49. A pulsating, dynamic salute to the jazz-mad, anything goes generation, the restored Colleen Moore feature, “Why Be Good?” features entertaining performances and gorgeous design set to a syncopated, synchronized symphony of hot jazz music and sound effects. The Academy of Motion…

The Great Gatsby-ish skirt

I’m going to make a confession: I’ve never gone past the first page of “the Great Gatsby”. I tried several times to read it, and never managed to pass that damn first page. And I am not really interested by Baz Luhrmann’s onscreen adaptation either, my main grief being about the use of contemporary music […]

Easy Peasy Minnie Mouse-ish skirt

I am blitzing through my stash of fabric at the moment and trying to make things out of everything. Mostly this involves sewing a casing into any piece that is wider than my hips, inserting an elastic and sewing both ends together. Which is exactly what happened with this little, unpretentious skirt. It’s gathered but […]

Deliciously delightful: a quick and easy recipe for chocolate chip madeleines

This is the sort of dream recipes for me, quick, easy and the final result looks incredible, partly thanks to the use of special madeleine-shaped silicon moulds. These are not very expensive (check eBay!) and if you’re considering making these on a regular basis (which you will) they’re definitely worth the investment. So, what do […]

A day at the races

Last Saturday was the day of the Grand National in the UK. In the nearly 10 years I’ve been here now, I never really got into it, apart from last year when I happened to watch it on telly at some friend’s house and got caught in the excitement of picking a horse with a […]

Rockabilly (kind of)

Yesterday evening I was invited to go to town by a couple of lovely girls from Lindy Hop. Our first port of call was Revolución de Cuba, a fantastic place where they usually have a themed night on Fridays. We once danced on a speakeasy night with a live jazz band -pure bliss! Last night […]