A day at the races

Last Saturday was the day of the Grand National in the UK. In the nearly 10 years I’ve been here now, I never really got into it, apart from last year when I happened to watch it on telly at some friend’s house and got caught in the excitement of picking a horse with a silly name and shout at the screen.

This year, my *special friend* invited me to Chepstow,  to watch both the races there and the Grand National on a big screen, and place a few bets. Exciting stuff- but not as exciting as having a perfect excuse to dress up!!!

So if Friday night was all about rockabilly,  Saturday on the other hand, was prim and proper.


I’m not going to lie- as soon as I knew I was going to the races I started to raid my wardrobe in search of a perfect outfit. I knew I wanted a 50s, New Look kind of style so I started with one of my handmade circle skirts, which I teamed up with a fine light pink jumper and thick, lace patterned tights (I figured it would be cold- and I was right!). I didn’t want to wear a bulky coat so I settled for this lovely short dogtooth suit jacket. I found this with the matching skirt in a charity shop, it’s from Next, but unfortunately despite being a size 8 the jacket is still boxy ( the skirt is even worse, far too big, I’m planning on fixing this…) so I aded a wide black elastic belt. And I just had to wear my lovely headpiece. I’m using it fairly regularly,  which is great!

We were very lucky as the weather was kind, even though it was a little bit chilly it was a bright, sunny day.


It was fantastic following the races and Chepstow racecourse was fairly busy. You could definitely sense the anticipation and excitement.

I did place a couple of bets for the Chepstow races and the Grand National, overall I only placed bets for less than £20, so I was very reasonable.



I just went for any horse whose name either 1) sounded vaguely French 2) made me laugh, with the exception of Swing Bill and Tasted the wine, which I picked because of the Swing/ Sinatra reference.  Needless to say that this highly vague and non-scientific approach did not work…


I got a lot of compliments from my outfit throughout the day, which is always nice. What was funny is that I still had my rockabilly tattoos on!

All in all it was a fantastic day out, it was great doing something a little bit different,  and Chepstow is a really cute little town with lots of character. I did notice a sewing/ knitting shop there, so I’ll have to go back!

Which might happen quite soon as a matter of fact…



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