Rockabilly (kind of)

Yesterday evening I was invited to go to town by a couple of lovely girls from Lindy Hop. Our first port of call was Revolución de Cuba, a fantastic place where they usually have a themed night on Fridays. We once danced on a speakeasy night with a live jazz band -pure bliss! Last night had more of a 50s rockabilly theme going on, and thanks to a marketing campaign from Sailor Jerry (please drink responsibly!!!) a vintage hairdo pop up studio was offering free makeovers, posters and temporary tattoos. Oh, and free taster shots of rum.

At first I wasn’t going to have a makeover as I was convinced nothing could be done with my short bob. However, after seeing one of my friends being turned into a kick-ass rockabilly girl with a wicked quiff on hair shorter than mine I decided to take the plunge. I also decided to wear several tattoos strategically placed on my upper body, and discovered at the same time that ice cubes are the best and quickest way to transfer temporary tattoos on your skin. Genius.


The girls did a really good job at giving me a mini, 60s style beehive which looked good without being OTT. The lucky friends with longer hair were treated to different style if victory rolls-all stunning in their own ways.


I was extremely pleased with my hairdo, and would love to be able to recreate it myself. A lot of backcombing and bobby pins were involved…

As for the tattoos… Being a very sheepish person myself I would never go for a “real” tattoo. I also think that it has lost its edge and its meaning now as everyone seems to have one (and let’s face it, most of them look pretty gharish/naff nowadays). So these are just perfect, they’re good for a rockabilly themed night or just a laugh. It was good experimenting with a different, slightly edgier look.


Later on before taking it all off I tried to pin all my hair at the back and was surprised to see that it came out as quite Audrey Hepburn-esque. Absolutely love this! This is a serious contender should I ever need to have my hair done for a special occasion…


6 thoughts on “Rockabilly (kind of)

    • Thank you! That necklace was a very lucky find in a small vintage charity fair I went to a couple of weeks ago, it was only £6. I also found a lovely vintage typewriter in working order in its original case- a steal for £10. The only thing is that it was very heavy and I was miles away from my car!!

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