I made this! Black circle skirt

These pictures are a bit old- they were taken a few months ago, but I thought I’d post them anyway (I haven’t changed that much since then!). And since it’s been a little bit quiet on the crafty side of things, well…

I love circle skirts, they look so elegant and make you feel instantly feminine and glamorous. I find them much more practical than pencil skirts as well. You can’t beat a petticoat and circle skirt for warmth, and when it’s raining, the fact that your skirt is so swooshy means that your legs don’t get soaked. And in the process you get to look like a princess!

This was made using some black, heavy cotton fabric. I really wanted a neutral skirt which could virtually go with anything I have. This is one of the most versatile items of clothing I own- and I’ve made it, which is always a bonus!

As usual I used ficklesense‘s instructions.


Cardigan: Primark. Brooch: Vintage, Skirt: handmade, Tights: Pretty Polly. Shoes bought in France for about 10 euros!!!



5 thoughts on “I made this! Black circle skirt

    • In any colours they’re great, but black goes with everything. I like wearing mustard tights and a mustard jumper with it, makes me feel like Fantomette 🙂

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