How to turn tights into 1920s style stockings (~Tutorial~)

I don’t think I have posted a tutorial yet on this blog! That’s all very well to post crap pictures of my outfits and ebay findings, but there comes a time when I should share one of my very few crafty triumphs !!!

I am a big fan of hosiery, but have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with hold-ups. They can be brilliant but they can also ruin your day, like for example if they keep falling off in the bank whilst you’re trying to open a bank account (true story- it happened the week I moved to Wales, that was a brilliant start to my life here). And tights, well, they’re convenient, but on the feminine and glamourous scale they don’t fare very well do they?

A couple of weeks ago while wasting time browsing on Pinterest, I came across this lovely movie poster which features Louise Brooks. I got me inspired and I thought, why not try to have a go at making some stockings from tights?

Since then I have made a couple of pairs and the hardest thing has been trying to chop all my tights up! This tutorial works only on fairly thick tights. I wouldn’t attempt it on any pairs less than 50 denier. You can wear them on their own, or as I have been doing lately, over a pair of tights for extra warmth. Try cutting some patterned tights to wear over black tights! The big plus is that they do stay up without the need for anything else, no suspender belt is required!!!

For this you will need: a pair of thick tights (use the saggy ones that keep falling down and are a pain to wear, that is a great way to recycle them), a pair of pinking shears, sewing machine that does stretch stitches, and some ribbon (optional).

Lay your pair of tights on a flat surface and cut just below the crotch area with the pinking shears.


Someone’s had fun with the editing software.


You will now have 3 pieces: the two separated legs, and the top of the tight. If your two legs are not fully separated. just give a quick snip. Keep the top of the tights if you need to stuff a cushion or a door-stopper, they are brilliant for this.

Grab one of the legs, turn it inside down, and fold over the top about 2 cms. This gives a neater edge and will act as a casing if you decide to add a ribbon.


Turn right side out and you’re pretty much done! Unless your thighs are really tiny these should stay more or less in place (tried and tested by myself). If you want extra security just make a small hole in the casing you just created and using a small safety pin thread a ribbon long enough to go round your thigh and tied. It gives a better fit and looks cute too!!


Seriously- how cute is that? Imagine all the possibilities, you could even coordinate the ribbon to your outfit!


So that’s it! These are fantastic to keep your pins warm and toasty. You can pull them up as high as the middle of your thighs, they do fall down a tiny bit after a while, but not much.


So, what do you think? I used to recycle my saggy pairs of tights into stuffing for cushions but I much prefer this solution!!


7 thoughts on “How to turn tights into 1920s style stockings (~Tutorial~)

    • I know, the ribbon is just the icing on the cake, adds a little touch of cute sassy-ness! I am pleased to further report that these do indeed stay up for a long time- I tried them last night on a date and there was no nasty wardrobe mishap 🙂

  1. I am keeping my Teenage daughter’s Thick Black 90 denier Opaque nylon Tights under lock and key for recycling ….now 25 pairs ..all waiting for the chop this is another good use I can put them too ..

  2. Thank you thank you… I was given the cutest pair of tights in the size I requested only to have them be too short… So now I know how to use them and not have to throw them away 🙂

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