Weekend plans


This is how I feel a bit right now. I was meant to go on charity shopping with a friend but with snow and ice on the roads we decided to reschedule. Great news for my bank account! I could go to have a look round the vintage shops in Cardiff instead, but I think I’m going to take this opportunity to stay at home and do a bit of sewing, knitting while listening to swing music and eating homemade biscuits. Really, it could be worse couldn’t it?


Last week I decided to quickly tweet what were my sewing projects for the weekend, it went quite well so this time I’m using the blog to see whether I’ll be able to achieve what I am planning on doing. Writing things down definitely helps me staying focused!

So this weekend my plans are:

*finish the circle skirt for my mum
*maybe not finish, but get back on the knitted skirt from Phildar I started years ago.
*Last week I had a go at turning old tights into 1920s style rolled stockings, this was really just an experiment but it turned out great and perfect with the current weather. Hopefully I can take decent pictures and write a post about it.
*I really want to have a go at making my own teddy/ romper suit. I got one from eBay and it doesn’t look that complicated to make so if I have the time I’ll experiment!

There are lots and lots of other things I’d love to make but I won’t have the time. It’s pointless making a massive list-I’ll end up feeling quite unmotivated.

I’ll try to do a roundup Sunday to see how I got on!


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