I’m back!


Happy times with my nephew

I have been back for a couple of weeks but have finally managed to grab 5 minutes to update this blog. So a slightly belated Happy New Year- I hope 2013 will bring you whatever you want! I don’t know, 2012 was a very strange year for me, so I’m not making any resolutions or planning anything, because you never know how things in life turn out to be. I was planning on going cold turkey on eBay and have already failed, so there you go.

Apart from the fact that I managed to be sick for the whole time with some  bizarre viral throaty infection I had a lovely Christmas break. Time was shared between my parents and my sister, and as usual I got to spend some time with my little nephew. As you can see on the picture above he was very intrigued by his auntie’s clothes! I can’t wait to play dress up with him when he’s a little bit older. The skirt I am wearing was handmade last year after I saw a very similar one in H&M. I never took the plunge to wear it before though- but that became a staple in my wardrobe during the holiday. It has such a lovely drape- I really enjoyed twirling to amuse my nephew!!!

It also happened to be my birthday. I made a ridiculously big fuss about it for months beforehand- pathetic I know. Now that my birthday is gone and I’m actually 30 (there, I said it) I am feeling much better about it. It was fantastic; I was spoilt for weeks beforehand by colleagues and friends, and then on the actual day spent a great time with my family. And amongst all my super gifts I got a tablet!!! I’m finally slowly reaching 21st century technology. The only downside is that it’s a bit of a pain to write blog posts on there- so I’m hanging on to my old laptop for updating En Vrac!


I think she’s happy


Super yummy birthday cake!!!

New Year celebrations were very quiet. I’ve never really celebrated New Year’s Eve anyway so I didn’t mind, I was in good company and that what all that mattered.

Since then, I flew back, and have been busy with my Lindy Hop lessons, tried Hot Yoga, went out to the Free for All Festival, caught up with some friends, started sewing a circle skirt from my mum (with- wait for it- some Dior fabric!!! Bought in Tissus Jaures in Orleans, my favourite fabric shop ever) and got myself on Pinterest! Phew, I have been busy! And this weekend I am planning on starting a Creative Writing for Children workshop. I have always wanted to attend a Creative Writing course, and this seems perfect!

So now that I’m more or less back on track, this blog should be updated more often. There are a couple of vintage acquisitions I can’t wait to blog about, the only thing is that I need to take pictures, and this is proving to be a real pain- when I have the time to do it, the weather is always rubbish!!!

Today it has been snowing in most of the UK, including Cardiff!


That’s the Royal Infirmary, just off Newport Road- newly renovated and looking stunning!

Oh dear, Pinterest and vintage effects on pictures… I think I’m turning into a hipster.


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