She wears it well: Colleen Moore, the reasonable flapper

Sorry for the long silence, I had lots and lots of things I wanted to blog about but the dreadful weather, a hectic schedule and me feeling a bit down lately means that I had no incline/ inspiration. But this post has been in the pipeline for so long, I feel I have to take it out of my system.

Every now and then you read about someone famous and you feel strangely connected to them. You want to know more about them,and thanks to the internet you spend hours looking on the internet for more information, save pictures, check Wikipedia and other sites. That’s what happened to me when I came across Colleen Moore.



Annex - Moore, Colleen (Synthetic Sin)_01S(1)

I don’t really want to go into too much details into her life (you can check Wikipedia and IMDb for that). I’ll just try to explain why she really appeals to me.


Colleen Moore was pretty different from the other girls from the flapper era. She had one blue eye and one brown eye. Her lucky break into acting came thanks to family connections- this was no rags-to-riches story. But most of all, whilst many of her fellow actresses played hard and spent their money living a wild life, she invested it- and got on building an extravagant Fairy Castle.

I was really surprised to find out that one of the original flapper girls was so down-to-earth and so reasonable!! It made me like her even more. I’m nearly always the reasonable one.



The color pictures on this post are taken from


If you compare Colleen to the other flappers. she seems just more… approachable?? Don’t get me wrong, I think Louise Brooks and Clara Bow were stunning, but there is a sense of aloofness and it’s all, well, very sultry and serious. Colleen just seems to me like a really, happy-go-lucky girl, even though it wasn’t all roses when you read a bit more into her life (her first husband was an abusive alcoholic and she never got child of her own). “Cute as a button” is a perfect expression to describe her.




When you start looking at the pictures, you come across fantastic outfits, like the two evening, flapper dresses in the first pictures of this post, or these:




images 2


How cute is this dress? I really like her outfits, some are really flapper-ish and others are just more day-wear. It’s strange how modern this dress looks in a way- the tartan print, the peter pan collar- sounds familiar!!!


This just reminds me that I have to showcase my collection of sailor inspired clothes. It’s boarding on obsession now- and is actually a little bit embarrassing! Ah well, I’m just trying to channel my inner Colleen Moore.







I like this dress with contrasting cuffs. And the shoes!!!!


It’s nice to see some coloured pictures. You then realise that the fashion was actually quite bright!!




Somehow I guess that tartan fabric is in shades of green. Colleen did play in a movie called Smiling Irish Eyes- maybe that’s why I’m thinking green!



I did wear a bob before coming across Colleen Moore, but once I saw she was wearing a side parting I decided to copy her  🙂


desert flower




images 3

I think it’s a bit sad that she has been forgotten after all these years. Another heart breaking story is that she gave some copies of her films to MOMA for restoration but due to neglect from their part it wasn’t done and these have now gone forever. I can only imagine her heartbreak and frustration.



Although Colleen was pretty reasonable she did have a fling with King Vidor, a very important film director in the 1920s/1930s (he actually directed one scene in the Wizard of Oz according to Wikipedia). They swore never to meet again. They did however in the 1960s but in true Colleen Moore fashion it was to set up a production company! This girl had a serious sens des affaires. I found this post on NitrateVille quite poignant actually. King Vidor and Colleen Moore were obviously very much attached to each other after all these years. I couldn’t find any pictures of them together though.

Colleen died in 1988. She has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.





5 thoughts on “She wears it well: Colleen Moore, the reasonable flapper

    • I think she really stands out from the other actresses at the time. I have ordered “A cast of Killers” from amazon which is a novel about King Vidor’s investigation into an unsolved murder in the 20s. Colleen Moore helped the writer apparently by giving him lots of details. I can’t wait to find out more about her. She did write her autobiography in the 60s as well- it’s in my wish list!!

      Ah ah, I’ll start by trying to look like her with the hair, then I’ll try to have a wardrobe as amazing as hers!!!


    • Me too! At least we have some pictures and stills of her movies. Such a shame that most of the original films were destroyed due to neglect.

      I think Colleen had her two different coloured eyes from birth, didn’t David Bowie had a fight at school and this, somehow made one of his eye turn a different colour? Or did I just imagine it?

  1. I know you wrote this years ago, but thank you for writing it. “Approachable” is the right word to describe Colleen – and yet at the same time she was stunning. And she had common sense. I wish she was better known and more of her films preserved.

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