Keep moving

Madness gif

It’s been another busy week, so busy in fact that on Sunday all I wanted was to stay at home and do as little as possible! At Lindy Hop we had a 2 hour session on Shim Sham, it was great but very very hard! And on Friday night I went to see Madness at the Motorpoint Arena. It was my 5th Madness gig and as usual it was amazing! They played all the classics and songs from their new album, including some of my favourites like “Leon”, “La Luna”, “My Girl 2” and  “Powder Blue”.


I always buy something from the merchandise as a souvenir, in fact I have Madness t-shirts for every gig I went to. There is usually some skinny fit t-shirts for girls but this time they were all more boxy. But I figured out I could take the sides in.


It was super easy! All I had to do was put the T-shirt inside out, pin out the extra fabric and then I sewed using a zigzag stitch.


I did the same with my second t-shirt. I’m so pleased with the result, and it didn’t take me long at all.

December is now here, with only a couple of weeks before Christmas, and then 2013.

It’s been a funny year. But as one of my favourite Madness song goes “Keep moving”.


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