Out and About in South Wales- Caerphilly Castle







Until a year ago I had never been to Caerphilly. Crazy, I know, knowing that it’s just on Cardiff’s doorstep. The first time I went there was to meet Tors, a fellow blogger. Together we  browsed the Christmas medieval market on the castle grounds and went around the castle itself. I knew I had to take my parents there- which we did back in Easter. Last week, they asked to go back to Caerphilly, not just for the castle, but for a visit to Glanmor’s, a good old fashioned tea house opposite the castle which served the best blackcurrant tart my parents ever tasted. We ended up going there twice in the same week and taking some blackcurrant tart away for later. I think the people there were bemused by the three French people obsessed with blackcurrant tart.

Here are some pics of the very impressive castle, some of them date from Easter, some from this month. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Out and About in South Wales- Caerphilly Castle

  1. Ooh great photos! Did you know that the leaning tower leans at a greater angle to the one in Pisa?

    Love that your parents love Glanmor’s so much, it’s such a fab tea room, I really need to go there more often. Next Christmas market at the Castle is 8th & 9th Dec, fancy going again?

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