Out and about in South Wales- the Pumphouse (Pumping?) Station, Cardiff- and my new vintage suit!!!

While we are on the subject of things to do and see in Cardiff I thought I’d post about one of my favourite places in Cardiff: the Pumphouse (AKA Pumping) Station on Penarth Road. The lovely Tors had a brilliant post about it a while ago. I hadn’t been for a while until it dawned on me that my car needed its MOT quite soon and that the garage was conveniently close to the Pumphouse. This was the perfect excuse for a trip there whilst anxiously waiting to hear whether the mechanics found Gremlins in my bonnet.

Look at the sky! Blue sky- can you believe it? I started thinking it was an urban legend after the torrential rains on Thursday. It didn’t last long though, on Saturday it was back to pouring rain!!!

There is lots of lovely everything.

There are many different stallholders, and you can find oh-so-many-things.

Lovely, massive birdcage


There were a couple of Staffordshire china dogs on sale. If I had more space….

Tucked in some wardrobe were several really nice pieces of vintage clothing, most of them were too big for me, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this very psychedelic dress.

If you like china then this is a place for you 🙂

More Staffordshire dogs! These ones were huge, and a bit scary.

I was very tempted by this sewing box and stool, but couldn’t really justify it as I am already the proud owner of the kitchiest one ever. Still, for £15- not bad!

I purchased a couple of vintage postcards to decorate my flat and was heading back to the garage when outside I noticed another entry tucked away. There is actually another shop in the basement which I never noticed before. Again, they sell a bit of everything vintage, but there was a massive choice of vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories, fur stoles and hats. I noticed a 1960s nurse wool coat which looked gorgeous (again, too big for me!) and was reasonably priced.

This vintage mirror was so beautiful! And I bet if you’re good at drawing it’s actually not that complicated. That is, if you’re good at drawing- unlike me.

See the vintage suit hung on the wall? I noticed it straight away with its cute fur collar and bow details. So I asked if I could have a look at it, just out of interest of course… One of the stallholders there was super friendly and suggested I tried it on. I wasn’t sure about the jacket- it looked a bit boxy on me which I am not used to, but after a second look in the mirror I realised it was actually meant to look that way. The skirt just fitted like a glove- this was what sold it to me. I felt instantly ladylike wearing this!!

The suit was priced £40, which in my opinion is a bargain for a suit anyway, but for a vintage suit made of wool in perfect condition? That was good. The good thing in the Pumphouse is that stallholders are open to offers, so we settled on £35. I was still waiting to hear from my MOT so I said unless there was a nasty and expensive surprise at the garage I will go back and buy it later in the day. I was just hoping no one would come and get it in the meantime!

When the mechanic told me my car passed it MOT without a problem he was greeted by a huge cheer of ” YAY! I can buy my vintage suit now!”. He looked at me in pity and suggested I checked the oil every now and then though as they had to add a litre of oil- that way the oil warning sign should stop lighting up (I complained about this when I left them my car). Oil vs Vintage suit- My priorities are so skewed.

So I went back, got the suit, and managed to get a couple of pictures before the sun came down!

Very happy lady!

Even though it does look vintage I still think I could manage to wear it regularly, especially the skirt which is quite basic but fits so well! The jacket is just so cute. The only thing I had to do was to secure the three buttons as one of them was about to fall down.

In the end a boring trip for my MOT turned out to be quite exciting! There are lots and lots of wonderful things at the Pumhouse station. If you have a home and are after quirky/ unusual stuff then this is definitely one of the places to go. I will go back regularly and see what’s on offer.


10 thoughts on “Out and about in South Wales- the Pumphouse (Pumping?) Station, Cardiff- and my new vintage suit!!!

    • Great news about the car! Somehow I was gearing up for some nasty surprise- you know, having to change the tyres/ brakes/ anything expensive right before Christmas, so I was so relieved when it was all fine…

      I tried to convince myself that I was going to the Pumphouse to start my Christmas shopping, but really, that was just an excuse 🙂

    • Thanks! The lady selling the suit has got a shop in Cowbridge as well apparently, in one of the side streets (not in Happy Days though, which is Vintage paradise and deserves a post on its own methinks!). That’s all the info I got, so I might go to Cowbridge and investigate…

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