The case of the OTT fake fur coat

When I was in France a couple of weeks ago, I bought a coat.

It wasn’t very wise because it was the first time I ever came back with just a hand luggage which was already rather full and certainly didn’t need to have a coat added to it.

It didn’t matter that this coat was a couple of sizes too big. I didn’t even need a coat anyway. But when I saw it, I just decided I’d get it.

Yes, I’m holding herbal teas upside down. Don’t ask.

I have been wanting a crazy fake fur coat for years and before never really dared to get one. So when I saw this beautiful crazy print which can only be described as a twisted cross between a dalmatian, a leopard and an elephant (for the grey background) I put it on, at first for a laugh, and then realised I rather liked it, even though it was a French 48. My sister could not quite believe it, but then she wasn’t really surprised. She knows my love for kitschy stuff. There was only one coat, so there was no way of getting a smaller size. It was in the reduced section, priced at an amazing 15 euros. If you look at the picture, you can see it’s big, but as my sister said “I’m sure you can figure something out, and you really, really seem to like it- somehow- so treat yourself!”

After buying it I tried it on several times and thought of what I could do to make it look less big. My sister suggested moving the buttons- very logical! I considered wearing it with an elasticated belt but it didn’t look good.

In the end I decided to follow my sister’s advice and moved the buttons so that when it’s buttoned up the coat is slightly tighter.

I swapped the three leopard/ dalmatian plastic buttons for two ivory vintage ones and shortened the sleeved. The coat is still a bit boxy but I like to think it has more of a 1920s vibe now. It might be the hat I’m wearing with it though.



Another fine collection of pictures where I seem to have only one leg, and I’m wearing my slippers as well! Ah well.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I definitely think I will wear it with my cloche hat to tame the whole outfit a bit. I have seen a lot of animal print/ fake fur coats in the shops lately, but they only seem to be paired with leggings/ jeggings/ trousergings, and that’s not a solution for me since I never wear trousers/ this is not my style. I’d rather wear this with a low waisted dress or a plain pleated skirt.



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