…And another good week just gone

Trying on a coat and a fur stole at the 1940s Swansea Bay Museum


I have been very quiet lately on the blog, but I have a good excuse!! My parents came over to visit me for a week. They have come to Wales regularly, they love it here, and I always make sure I show them different things every time. We spent a wonderful time together doing lots of different things, eating in or out, I took them to my Modern Jive lesson which they absolutely loved (they burnt the dancefloor and amazed a lot of regular dancers there!), we went to lots of lovely vintage shops and found some amazing bargains… All in all a wonderful time for all of us.
My Dad has got a rather good camera so I have asked him to take lots of pictures! Expect some posts about local landmarks in the next few days. In the meantime here is the picture above of me rocking the 1940s look with the help of some of Swansea Bay’s clothes on display.



3 thoughts on “…And another good week just gone

    • Thank you! I really liked it, teamed with the coat, I felt like a 1940s lady! I love the fact you can just try on vintage clothes at the Swansea Bay 1940s Museum.

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