Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #4

I think the Challenge is now drawing to a close as it has gone very very very cold lately. I can’t put on hold my wool dresses any longer…

What is this cat doing here?

This is a lovely dress I got from eBay again, originally from Debenhams. It’s bright and cheerful, and bang on trend with its bold floral pattern. I love to team it with pink tights and a pink t-shirt underneath. The material, though, is a synthetic mix and I have to admit I was a bit scared when I received it. *COMPLETE LACK OF GLAMOUR AHEAD WARNING* Do you know how some synthetic tops make you sweat more than usual, and no matter what you do you feel like you stink and get all paranoid that people think you haven’t put any deodorant or worse, haven’t washed? I thought I was going to get this with this dress, but in the end I didn’t, so I am very pleased!!!


I absolutely love how shiny and bright this dress it. I think from now on I will layer it with my pink t-shirt and a little cropped cardigan.

My necklace was a lucky find in a French shop over the summer holidays. The flower can be taken off and worn as a standalone brooch. I love the 20s vibe about it.


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