All in all, quite a good week

I’ve just had a lovely day out in Cardiff with the lovely Tors from Girl meets Wolf. We went round the shops, tried silly glasses, discovered the wonders of the newly opened Cardiff Fashion Quarter… It was just fantastic!

This wraps up what has been, all in all, quite a good week. It started by being driven back to the airport by my sister, which is something I never look forward since it means the end of holidays, but I am coming back soon so it doesn’t feel as bad as usual. I went dancing, tried Lindy hop, had a great evening on Wednesday catching up and laughing with some lovely friends, attended my first clothes swap,… Dear it has been busy!!


This is what I was wearing today- I am still madly in love with this bowler hat! I bought the dark green cardigan in France last week. I made this purple circle skirt a couple of months ago. It is a little bit too big now, so I tighten up the waist with a belt. This is a belt I picked up in H&M today for £1!!

It’s getting harder and harder taking pictures as the days get darker earlier and earlier now. It truly feels like Winter now.


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