Swap, shop, drop- Bikes & Buttons swap shop @ Whitchurch Community Centre

I’ve just come back from my first ever clothes swap! After reading Handmedowncardiff’s post about this I knew I just had to go. So I went through my gigantic pile of clothes, took three items with me (a green winter coat, never worn and sadly too small for me, a 60s psychedelic Topshop top and a black and white 60s sleeveless shift dress) and set off to Whitchurch Community Centre.
I handed in my clothes, and while some of the volunteers were busy sorting out all the clothes for the swap, I went to have a look at the little vintage mini market. And then I had a meltdown! THERE WERE SO MANY AWESOME THINGS THERE. Lots and lots of vintage clothes, bags, scarfs, and hats. Lots of hats, lots of lovely hats all priced at £5. Amongst them, a gorgeous black bowler hat with feathers on the side. I have been on the prowl for a proper bowler hat after I jokingly tried a joke shop one at some friend’s wedding a couple of months ago (it was part of a dress up box). I ended up pinching it, but thought a real bowler hat would be fantastic. Well, my dream came true tonight!

I also managed to buy two vintage dresses for £10 each

I just can’t resist polka dots! And it’s a long-sleeve dress which means I can wear it all over Autumn and Winter! It’s the first peplum dress I have, I do hope it will look nice as I really like this dress.

More dots- they are not as shiny as on this picture. I really hesitated before buying this dress, so I went away, had a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and then came back. The stallholders (who were absolutely fantastic and oh-s0-nice) saw I couldn’t make my mind up, and let me try it on in the toilets. It fitted like a glove and all the ladies there commented on how nice it was. Clearly, I had to buy it!!!

So, the swap hadn’t even started and I already had 3 items! I also got some cute bias tape and purse handles from another stall and then sat down and waited for the swap to start. Just before we were allowed near the racks of clothes, there was a raffle draw. I didn’t win anything, but it was just exciting to wait for your number to be called!

By then there was quite a lot of people waiting for the swap to start, but there was no major scuffle or fight as we made our way to all the clothes on display. It was very civilised! I first picked some very cool tartan trousers (I never wear trousers but these were really cool), a grey roll neck top with black spots, and a Wallis dress. I then realised the trousers were a size too small (nooooooooo!) and I wasn’t sure about the top. In the end this is what I picked:

This Wallis dress. It is a size 12, so it will be big, but the shape is meant to be floaty anyway. Otherwise, I’ll figure something out. The material is shiny and the pattern is a mix of very small dots and diamond shape. It does have an Art Deco feel about it.

Very early on I noticed this snakeskin bag. It’s a little bit battered but still in good condition, I didn’t pick it up straight away and was very surprised when it was still there when I came back to have another look a bit later. It’s a bit small for what I usually carry around, but I might use it when I got to a dance.

I also got a very simple. 50s style black dress which I didn’t take a picture of- yet!

This was such a fun evening! Everyone was absolutely lovely and the atmosphere was fantastic. And it was all for a very good cause- the George Thomas Hospice in Cardiff. I definitely get why people love these events- I will definitely keep my eyes open for these in the future. All I have to do now is try on all my new clothes (apart from the long sleeve black dress with dots which I’ve tried on already). Let’s hope they all fit!


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