Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #3

Last week I went back to France. After quite an eventful journey inbound I was staying with my sister for a few days. We came to visit my parents, and of course I spent lots of time playing with my little nephew who is 10 month old. He is so sweet! It’s just amazing to watch him grow and see my sister and her partner so happy.

On Sunday my sister was being all mysterious. She kept saying we were expected somewhere. It turned out she had some tickets for the local Japan Expo, a massive fair revolving around Japanese culture, manga, anime, cosplay and so on. I was very excited!!

It was really cool. So many people had made an effort and some of the costumes were amazing. I drooled over a lot of beautiful silk kimonos. There were so many cute things that I just wanted to buy!! Totoro bags and wallets, kawaii stuff, you just name it. We went along to a short J-Pop concert (You Kikkawa) and just had a great time.
Had I known I was going there, I would have dressed up the part. However, my outfit did fit with the kawaii theme and has one of my Challenge dresses… so here are at last some pictures of my long-sleeved cat dress!!



This is the dress as it is, worn without a heavy coat. It’s from a brand called A-Wear, which I never heard from before. Apparently they’re the Irish answer to Primark. I got this dress on ebay, by just searching for cat dress and filtering to long-sleeve. I paid a little bit less than £20 including postage.
It has a very flattering fit, although I picked an 8 and it’s still a bit too big for me (which is why I am wearing my elasticated belt). And since it has really gone cold now, I wear a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath to keep me warm.



This is a close-up of the fabric. The cats are just too cute! I really like this kind of quirky print.


I am posing by a massive picture of a traditional Japanese landscape.I had just bought the little hat I am wearing- more on this in a later post. It was such a great day out, I wanted to buy everything but also got very inspired by watching people and looking at the stalls. There was also lots of fundraising events to help all those affected by the 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear disaster.


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