Not so whimsical craft #2: Expletive embroidery

I like a bit of embroidery.You don’t really have to think much, and since I stick to running stitches I don’t really have to think about which stitch I need to use.

Embroidering messages on pieces of fabric and then framing them seems to have a bit of a moment, and you see all these messages of hope, faith and love being lovingly embroidered and proudly framed/ showcased to the world via the Internet. Maybe I’ve spent too much time on Regretsy, or maybe I am quickly turning into a bitter and cynical old bag, but if I embroider things it’s not whimsical at all. I don’t see myself embroidering “birds are like our love, flying away woopidoo”. It’s just not me.

Give me a needle and some thread, and this is what I come up with:




I do tend to use this expression quite a lot I’m afraid. Yes, behind the sweet appearances I can swear like a sailor. I find that English swear words don’t sound like swearing anyway- does that make sense?

I don’t really have a “technique” as such. I just trace the letters using a fabric pen and embroider on top. Years of neat handwriting practice in French primary school finally got useful. I’ve seen much nicer embroideries and amazing designs online made by very talented people, but I like the simplicity of this. I do it in the evenings as a way to empty my brain, so I’d rather keep it simple.



I got quite a few of these flexi hoops in different sizes and colours. This one is quite small and now hangs on my bedroom door handle, just like a “Do Not Disturb” sign in hotels. Only it’s a bit less diplomatic.

My embroidery bag was bought on eBay, it’s an horrid, over-the-top pink colour and seems to come from the 60s. I like it though- another kitsch addition to my home!




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