Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #2

Here is my second Colour Challenge outfit. The dress is not as colourful as the first one but at least it’s not all black!

Can’t. Be. Bothered. To. Smile!

This dress is from Warehouse. I didn’t have any long-sleeved flower dress and this one has rather interesting details. The waistband is made of blue lace, and the sleeves are elasticated both on the arms and the cuffs- I think you can just about see it on the picture above. It has a lovely 70s-does-40s feel about it, and paired with pink accessories it made me feel all dolled-up, which is bound to cheer anyone up on a dreary day (as NOT demonstrated on the picture above!)

Dress- Warehouse (eBay)/ T-shirt- H&M/ Tights: Pretty Polly/ Shoes: Dr Martens/ Necklace- Semi-Handmade (see my post about Ribbon love) Belt: Made by me!

It’s not very thick so I wouldn’t wear it on very cold days, but with a plain long-sleeve t-shirt underneath this is perfect. It’s a 10 which is a little bit too big on the bust and waist- my upper body is petite compared to my hips- so I have to wear an elasticated belt on top of the lace waistband. It’s a bit of a pity, but you can still just about see it.

With postage this costs me about £16. That’s a real bargain considering Warehouse dresses are usually around £30-40 in the shops. Unlike the previous Boden dress there isn’t a load of them on sale on eBay, but a quick search will give you lots and lots of dresses in the same style.

I’ve just found how to give a vintage makeover to my pictures on Photoscape so expect a lot of messing around with the pics in the coming posts!!!


6 thoughts on “Autumn and Winter Colour Challenge #2

  1. It’s a lovely dress. I don’t know if this is available in the UK, or if shipping and tariffs would make this overly expensive, but I recommend checking out the Stop Staring brand. They have fabulous dresses in 1960’s styles. I think one or two have been on Mad Men.

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