Lindy Hop Taster Session (Made in Roath Festival) and a new homemade skirt

Roath and Cathays are two areas of Cardiff I really love. I used to live there for years and have many happy memories.
This year while checking the Made in Roath programme I noticed that they were offering a taster session in Lindy Hop, followed by a tea dance. I can’t resist dancing, and fancied giving it a go, so I went along.
The lesson was taking place in St Andrews Church, on Wellfield Road. I’m always quite interested in looking into churches, especially as so many are now converted into other things than the layout I am familiar with in France. Or let’s just say I’m nosy. I tried taking a picture- yes, that thing above- but somehow I ended up with an orange picture of the room with a very striking traffic cone. But the venue was really nice. There was actually two lessons: the first one was a couple of Lindy Hop basic steps, and the second one was some Charleston moves- very exciting!!!! And I happened to bump into two friends who used to do Modern Jive with me many moons ago and that I hadn’t seen for years. Lindy Hop and Charleston seem to be such fun dances, but I kept going back into Jive mode.  By the end of the lesson though I was really getting into it and felt a bit like a carefree flapper!! I definitely want to learn more moves so I promised my friends to come along to the classes.

A lot of people who turned up for the class dressed vintage-style, which of course is a bonus. I love looking at people’s outfits and see what they come up with. This week I have been sewing like mad! So I decided to wear one of my new handmade skirt.

Me and my skirt- 50s style for Lindy Hop and Charleston, a bit of an anachronism, but well…

(Mmmm… I look very…glowy on this picture. I will blame the energetic dance routine.)

As you might have guessed this skirt is another “Let’s cut a vintage sheet” circle skirt. It’s got an elastic waistband, but this time I made things properly and rather than sew the top of the skirt into a waistband like I did for the last one I cut a waistband, attached it to the skirt and then folded it over to make a casing. Thinking about it, this might be the proper way to do things. It looks much better anyway.

Close-up of the fabric

I really like the pattern on this fabric. I’m not sure which kind of flower it is meant to be, but there’s a sort of Oriental vibe about it. It’s cotton- might even be poly cotton-which is a doodle to sew with. There were some stains on the sheet so I had to wash it and treat it a couple of times, the stains have faded to the point that you will only notice if you know about it (if you see me in the streets of Cardiff wearing this skirt, don’t point and shout “YOUR SKIRTS HAS STAINS ON IT” please. I will be very embarrassed).

I hemmed the skirt with white bias tape, which is my favourite way to hem a circle skirt. I have long given up on doing baby hems- far too time-consuming!

I decided to wear this with my bright purple cardigan. It’s quite a long one, so I either tie it up in a knot on my waist, 50s style, or tuck it in. The belt is from Peacocks, I found it in the sale bin for £1.50, and absolutely love it. It’s elasticated and the three  fabric roses look really delicate. I thought that looked perfect with this skirt.

Ha! Look at me, giving that flirty flapper look. I look a little bit scary don’t I?

(If you want to know more about Lindy Hop, click here.

Made in Roath closes tomorrow but there are still plenty of stuff going on. Plasnewydd Road will have lots of attractions, there’s a screening of Cinema Paradiso with the great Philippe Noiret and Milgi’s have got their £1 jumble sale tomorrow evening)


4 thoughts on “Lindy Hop Taster Session (Made in Roath Festival) and a new homemade skirt

    • Thank you! They really are very easy to make. I just love the shape, so floaty and feminine. I don’t know why there’s not more skirts like this in the shops. There were a couple on sale last year, after the Mad Men inspired Vuitton show- I have a lovely Warehouse red wool circle skirt. But I don’t think they really took off.

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