So, I made a skirt.

I do have two legs, honest!

Apart from my kitschy cushion, I have to admit that nothing has quite happened on the sewing front these last few months. Everyone knows the saying “Practice makes perfect” but when I found myself messing up a circle skirt- from instructions tried and tested without a hiccup several times prior to that- I decided to take a break . And then one evening  last week I decided to draft a circle skirt in a vintage sheet bought in a charity shop, and try to fit it this time with a casing and elastic rather than a waistband and zipper.
As for my cushion, it was a spur-of-the-moment, we’ll-see-what-happens sort of thing. Circle skirts are easy anyway. I used to have a paper pattern I used all the time thanks to Ficklesense’s very helpful tutorial. But I cannot wear most of my handmade clothes anymore as I have lost a lot of weight these last few months. It’s very, very annoying, but hey, that’s life. I wasn’t planning on loosing that much weight.

So I drew directly on the fabric the radius and the hemline, cut, and then tried to make a casing for the elastic. Being cut on the bias though that was a bit of a nightmare- and my casing is far from being perfect so the skirt doesn’t really have an even length. But it’s so full you can hardy notice.

I still have to hem the skirt and make sure the casing is properly sewn all over, but apart from that it’s ready to be worn! I do like the shape and general feel of it- vintage cotton sheets are so easy to work with! Flowers are another late addition to my wardrobe. I am always so late to the party aren’t I?


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