Product review: Lipcote lipstick sealer

I never used to wear lipstick. I have got quite think lips, and for years I thought any lipstick would make me look like the female Gremlin, minus the green hair.

Yeah, her.

Every now and then, I’d buy a lipstick from Boots, put it on once, think I look ridiculous, and not use it anymore. You actually don’t see many women nowadays wearing lipstick. It’s quite a statement. I also found most of the lipstick dried my lips really quickly, and just felt uncomfortable. But deep down, I really wanted to wear lipstick.

About a year ago I found some great lipsticks from Bourjois, from their (sadly) discounted range called Dr Glamour. I got a couple of different shades, all quite discreet, from coral to light brown. and started considering the possibility of  being a bit braver and wear brighter lipstick. I also found the perfect combination of products to keep my lips hydrated and comfortable, and suddenly I was unstoppable- I got a bright Revlon red lipstick which never fails to make me feel amazing, and a bright pink from 17 at Boots. The only problem was that after a cup of tea, my lovely red/ pink lips were gone. And I wasn’t ready to give up tea. So when I saw in a shop some Lipcote lipstick sealer on offer, I decided to give it a go as I had seen rave reviews on the net.

First of all, forgive me if this sounds a bit shallow but I LOVE the packaging. It’s really retro and chic! And looking on their website, it’s very similar to the one from the 1950s. The sealer is in a little bottle with a little brush, you dab it on top of your lipstick, wait for it to set and you’re ready to go!

I have tried it a couple of times. First , for something quite special which I can’t really tell you about right now– more on this in a later post. The second time, it was just a normal working day, I happened to be wearing my very full black mesh circle skirt and a little animal print cardigan, so I decided to wear red lipstick to complete the 50s rockabilly look.

It’s really easy to put on, and gives you a slight tingle as you apply it. Nothing unpleasant though, one of my lip butter from Burt’s Bees does the same, I do like the feeling. It doesn’t take long for your lips to dry, so you can quickly get on with what you have to do (in my case, getting ready. But first, take a picture).

This is me at 8.20 8.30 8.40 8.45 looking incredibly smug (despite the fact that I am posing in my bathroom) and blatantly ignoring that I am once again late for work. The light is on because it’s a miserable, dark day- we’ve had a couple of those in the last week or so.

This is me at lunchtime looking slightly exhausted and trying to take pictures while my lunch warms up while looking into a mirror (I am trying my best…). And yes, I am still in my bathroom. It is the brightest room in the flat… But look at my lips- they’re still really bright and that’s after having 2 cups of tea and some water. I think by the time I had lunch most of the lipstick had gone. Maybe if I want to rock my red lips all day I need to starve. That is so not going to happen.

So overall, would I recommend this? Well, yes! A little goes a long way so for less than £4 this is not going to break the bank, especially if, like me, you plan on wearing bright lipstick on a regular basis, or when on that special occasion you don’t want to have to constantly re-apply your lipstick throughout the day.

The obvious next step would be to fully investigate the claims made in the following 1951 advert:

(Well, I don’t smoke so the cigarettes are out of the way, I already drank in my cup, don’t really use a hanky… Ah well, that leaves me with the “clean kisses” then…)

The pros:

Lovely packaging

Very easy to use

Does work- to a certain extent

Good value for money

The cons:

Has its limits? If you have a full meal you might need a touch-up…


3 thoughts on “Product review: Lipcote lipstick sealer

  1. Aaaah, Dr Glamour… J’avoue qu’à l’époque, j’avais craqué juste pour le nom du produit (j’étais en pleine période “Grey’s anatomy”. Mais c’était un super rouge.
    PS : j’adore la référence au Gremlins femelle ^^

    • Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils ont arretes de les commercialiser, ces rouges a levres sont formidables… Pourquoi, Bourjois, POURQUOI???

      Ah, oui, de maniere generale les Gremlins sont une reference cruciale dans ma vie. Quand j’etais petite notre voisine ressemblait beaucoup a ca (a part les cheveux verts). Maintenant, c’est moi qui lui ressemble!!!

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