Autumn & Winter Colour challenge #1

Well… Could I have picked a better day for the start of this challenge? The weather was absolutely dreadful and foul today- so I picked the brightest dress of the challenge!!

Dress- Boden, Cardigan- Primark, Beads- one of my remade necklace, tights- Pretty Polly, Shoes-tReds, and umbrella from IKEA!!!

I’m afraid you will see a lot this dirty wall in the future- it seems to be the only place I can take a decent picture. I’ve got a mini flexible tripod- you know, the sort that can be bent and twisted and can wrap around anything- and attached it on my ironing table. I really am an amateur at this sort of things.
Anyway, back to our outfit.
This dress is a Boden dress bought on eBay UK for just under £15- postage included. There are TONS of them on there- with prices ranging from £9.99 to £29.99. They are surplus stock, so the tags have been removed. Personally, I don’t care. The dress is such good quality- the jersey fabric is really flattering. Only the top wraps up. And the pattern and the colour are so vivid!!! I love to wear it with my little bright  blue cardigan.

This dress is also available in grey- but I find the red is much brighter and cheerful. There are also two dresses in pastel colours available, but I’m not sure about them, they might look a bit frumpy on me.
So what do you think? Are you tempted to get one of these? And what do you wear when the weather is truly awful- a “blend in the landscape” outfit to go with the weather, or some bright colours to cheer you up?


2 thoughts on “Autumn & Winter Colour challenge #1

  1. I’m a ‘blend in the landscape’ gal… but,, I’m getting inspired here! I think I might just check out the thrift stores this week (budget ;-/ ) Maybe a good dose of color is exactly what I need right now.

    • After years wearing a lot of black and grey, I really believe in wearing lots of colours, especially on a dreary day! Thrift stores (or charity shops as they’re known in the UK) are fantastic places- hope you find something bright and cheery!

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