Autumn & Winter With Colours challenge

Have you noticed that as soon as temperatures drop and Autumn is in the air, all the clothes shop seem only to sell black and grey clothes? I used to only mainly these two colours during Autumn and Winter but gradually have started to wear brighter colours- teal, mustard, purple, green, and so on.

Like every year, at every change of season I ponder about the new additions in my wardrobe. I don’t really follow what’s trendy and fashionable, but can get quite obsessed by a certain garment (as in the cat dress previously blogged about), even when it’s passed being fashionable. This year I decided I could get a couple of new dresses, but they had to follow a number of rules:

  • That wasn’t a rule as such but most of my shopping was done online, mainly because it was more convenient for me.
  • They had to be long sleeved or 3/4 sleeves- after all, it’s Winter, it’s the UK, and I’m always cold. No matter how pretty the dress was, if it didn’t have any sleeves, it wasn’t going in my virtual shopping basket. And NO, the excuse of using it to go dancing wasn’t valid- it had been used already for the cat dress!
  • They had to be versatile enough for work, or weekend. I don’t really have a work wardrobe, I am lucky enough to work somewhere where we don’t have to dress “corporate”. I certainly don’t dress trashy, but I don’t dress all corporate either, you know, blouse and black trousers/ skirt. I do however have the reputation of dressing well, which is nice!
  • They had to cost less than £20 and just to be on the safe side, be from a “reliable” brand, like any high street retailer or online store.
  • They could be any colour/ prints, apart from black, and preferably bright, to inject a bit of colour- and cheer me up!

Pretty tough eh? Well, you’ll be surprised to see what I have been able to find online- lovely dresses that just fit the bill. In the next few weeks I will post some pics just to show you how easy it is to dress on a budget, while looking all colourful and bright on these dreary, colder months.

Stay tuned for the Autumn/ Winter With Colours challenge!


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