Cheap makeover #1- ribbon love

I get ridiculously thrilled by the cheapest makeovers I can find. I get ridiculously thrilled a lot. I blame and thank at the same time my childhood spent in the remote French countryside.

I bought my dancing shoes on eBay second-hand and have pretty much been wearing them to my weekly classes and fortnightly dances since February, but noticed in the last few weeks that the ties looked tired and worn out. Rather than get some new, boring black ties, I thought it might be much more fun to use ribbons instead.

Because ribbons are bloody cheap (I paid 40p a meter in one of my local sewing shops) you could actually coordinate the ribbons with your outfit- how fantastic is that? The only other thing I did was to dab a little bit of no-fray glue on the edges.

While I was at it I also “ribboned” my newly-acquired tap shoes- apologies for the dubious quality of the picture, taken with my not-very-powerful phone.

They’re bright red and the ribbon is a vivid purple. I have just started tap and am rubbish at it (REALLY rubbish), but I have the most beautiful shoes in the class. You can’t win at everything.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a car boot sale and picked up a necklace made of 5 different coloured beaded necklaces. I love coloured beads, and for 50 p this was a steal! After a bit of fiddling around I decided I wanted to separate all the different necklaces so that I could just wear one at once- and coordinate or make it clash with my outfit, depending on my mood.

The only problem was that I only had one tie for 5 necklaces. The solution? Use some ribbon to tie up the necklace!

I love the white beads with the red and white ribbon- so nautical! I want to mix and match the ribbons with the coloured beads. Possibilities are endless- and all for less than £1!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

I am also considering pinning a ribbon on one of the walls of my bathrooms to hang all my flower clips. I love wearing small flowers in my hair but at the moment they are all messed up on top of my bathroom cabinet- hanging them will be more practical and will brighten up the place a bit.

There are lots and lots of different uses for ribbon- Charlotte at Tuppence Ha’penny had a fantastic serie of posts on Make do and mend some time ago which are full of wonderful inspiration.


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