Well, hello (again)

Yes, hello and welcome. This is my spanking new blog, my first venture on WordPress, so please bear with me whilst I get used to all the technicalities (is that even a word??) on offer.
Some of you might know me as Popbabe7 on Blogger. Some of you might have noticed that the blog had gone into cyber hibernation, due to numerous reasons I shall not discuss here because it’s not the time or place, and most of all because I don’t want to. All I can say is that during this time I had no inspiration, no will to blog or create, so I decided to pull the plug, and I definitely think it was the right thing to do.

And then I decided to blog again, but I had to think long and hard about what I wanted- which is basically the story of my life!

I always had a will to keep a certain degree of anonymity on my blog. I was terrified someone I knew would find me out. I don’t really know why, because I was hardly posting controversial stuff, just terrible pictures of my latest sewing/ knitting “achievements”. I probably thought that people would think I was a look-at-me, attention-seeking, self-centered brat, so I used an alias and thought my secret identity was safe (whilst at the same time posting pictures of me- yeah, go figure.)

Well, Bruce Wayne I am definitely not, because it didn’t take me long to be found out. By several people. So this time, I have decided to assume the full responsibility of this blog. I’m using my first name, will talk about what I want, and if people I know read this blog, so what?

After all this time I am finally learning to relax a bit. Well, I am trying to.

As for the content of this blog, I think the title sums it up pretty well, it will be made of posts en vrac. One of the difficulties of  blogging, I find, is to find the right balance between a blog which only deals with one subject (a niche blog) and one that scatters itself into so many directions that in the end no one’s interested in it. I’ll carry on with the themes close to my heart but try to add a couple more features. I want to talk more about my outfits and the bargains that can be found- I love dressing on a budget and would love to share some tips! I am also planning to have a “He/ She wears it well”- my own fashion inspirations. I want to stray from the pretty obvious inspirations and hope to make you discover some lesser-known but still stylish people. And there will be some crappy craft thrown in here too as well- when I get the time and inspiration!

I have also invested in a small, better resolution digital camera and a small tripod. I have always felt let down by the quality of the pictures on my previous blog, and I definitely want this to improve. Sadly, Autumn in Britain and shorter days mean that I might not be able to have pictures as bright and pretty as I wished them to be, but I’ll definitely make more of an effort 🙂

One final word: a big fat huge thank you to the people who inspired me and helped me in so many different ways these last few months. You know who you are.


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